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Bible Correspondence Courses

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Published Aug 21, 2006

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Series 1 - Overview of the Bible: This eight-lesson series by author John Hurt is a basic overview of the Bible. It deals with the differences between the Old and New Testaments and covers simple Bible stories. It ends with what steps are necessary to become a Christian.

Series 2 - Into All the World: This correspondence course is a 10-lesson study of the book of Acts. In this study you will learn of the establishment and growth of the early church, the work of the apostles, and the rapid spread of Christianity.

Series 3 - Studies in the Bible: This is a more in-depth study of the entire Bible, which covers God’s dealings with man throughout history. During this 30-lesson series, you will study important topics such as sin, salvation and the Second Coming of Christ.

Series 4 - Jesus by John: This 10-lesson course is a study of the gospel of John. This author of this course has selected actions and teachings from the Master’s life.

Series 5 - The Christian Way: This 10-lesson course covers the many aspects of living a Christian life.